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Our main objective is to keep customer expectations at the highest level, to follow the technological developments closely and to improve our product quality and to do our job in the most correct way without compromising the quality in our sector ...

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About Us

Sakarya Packaging Recycling Company has been operating in Hendek/Sakarya Turkey since 2010 in metal, paper and plastic 3 different main fields of in 2000 m2 closed area.
In the last quarter of 2018, the started recycling plastic to produce granular plastic raw materials from plastic wastes and brought the granular line with modern latest system technology to its facility.
Plastic Raw Material Our plant produces product types of PET Plastic, PET Preform, PET, polycarbonate carboy and tritan , hard and soft PVC LDPE and HDPE.
In the first quarter of 2019, Sakarya Packaging has purchased 1.500 kg/hour full capacity washing line and aimed to increase LDPE and HDPE production threefold.
With its entrepreneurial spirit and export policies, Sakarya Packaging has managed to take an important role in the global market.
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Contact us

+90 264 614 7676

+90 264 614 7600
Yeni Mah. 117. Cad. 2113. Sokak
No: 25 Hendek / Sakarya / Turkey